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Market Perspectives – June 2017
June 1, 2017
Market Perspectives – July 2017
July 6, 2017

By: Dustin Barr, CFA

Being a relatively large independent investment firm has its benefits.  From an investment research perspective, one of those advantages is direct access to some of the top minds in the investment industry.  We thought it would be fun to highlight some of the most well-known investors who paid us a visit over the last 18 months and share some of their wisdom:

David Rubenstein (Co-Founder of Carlyle Group, Private Equity Investor, and well known philanthropist):  Patriotic philanthropy (restoring our country’s historic buildings, artifacts, and documents) can ensure that the general public never forgets the past successes and failures of their ancestors.  This brand of philanthropy can serve as an important education to our future generations.

Dave Iben (Founder of Kopernik Capital and Famed Value Investor):  Being early on an investment idea isn’t a bad thing at all.  When Warren Buffet started his investment firm in 1973, the S&P 500 dropped approximately 30% in just one year.  Had you held on to your investment from the bottom in September 1974 to today, you would have received a return of more than 3,000%!

Charles Brandes (Founder of Brandes Investment Partners and Famed Value Investor):  Checking your investment account performance can statistically predict your performance.  Those who check their performance daily or monthly have far less of a chance at long-term success than those who do so less frequently.  As human beings, our inherent behavioral biases tend to cause investors to be more reactive than they should be, leading to frequent trading and timing miscues.

Steven Romick  (Founder of FPA and Famed Value Investor):  The greatest edge an investor can have is patience.  Volatility is fantastic!  Volatility allows patient investors to go shopping at discount prices.  Volatility means investors are either scared into or out of something and both scenarios create opportunities for the patient investor.


Dustin Barr, CFA is a Consultant & Director of Research at Carolinas Investment Consulting. He oversees the CIC Investment Committee and manager research and due diligence process at the firm.  He provides investment & financial advice to families, non-profits, and corporate retirement plans.  Click here to learn more about Dustin and how he can help you.  

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