NextGen: A Legacy

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August 27, 2016
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May 5, 2017

By: Abby Bennett, CFP®

There is a common theme among many financial news outlets today: a new generation of investors. What characteristics help define this group?

  • Technology-driven
  • Research-oriented
  • Collaborative and innovative

The financial advisory business must adapt to serve this new generation. While that is true, NextGen is nothing new to CIC.

Our firm’s history is written by leaders who have guided clients and their families through decades. Clients have become fixtures in their communities, but more than that, they have become parents and grandparents along the way. Throughout the years, our team has strived to provide the highest level of service to all of our clients, which has required the adoption of newer, better technology and the evolution of our means of communication. Our response to the next generation is no different.

In an industry of aging advisors, the CIC team is a reflection of the growth and change of the investor demographic, which provides the ideas and experience necessary to collaborate and improve. A product of that collaboration is demonstrated through the implementation of new technology. As clients, or their children, find themselves relocating, so must we expand our reach. Virtual meetings have become quite popular for many. Real-time portfolio reviews, with the addition of interactive financial planning, strengthen our relationships both in the Carolinas and beyond. We endeavor to provide what is best for our clients, regardless of age, location, or preferred method of communicating.

We will continue to invest in new technologies and talented individuals as we navigate the evolution of the investment industry. A new generation may be upon us, but our commitment to our clients, no matter their age or stage of life, will always be a part of our legacy and our future.


Abby Bennett, CFP® is a financial planner in Charlotte, NC. She provides financial advice to families and business owners, and specializes in financial planning for engineers and tech professionals. Click here to learn more about Abby.

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