How to Keep Records Minus The Clutter

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October 12, 2020
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November 12, 2020

By: Mary Alex Edmiston

Ever wonder if you need to save your recent restaurant receipt?  Or old lease contract?  While you may be surrounded by important documents, it’s not necessary to be overwhelmed by an ever-growing mound of records.  A records retention schedule helps you identify documents that should be kept and suggests how long you should keep them.  The following are questions to consider: What do you want to retain?  How long do you need the record?  Can you save these digitally?  What record formats are allowed and may change in the future?  Click here to see the list of the most current record formats from the National Archives.

Here is a helpful Record Retention Guide, documents suggested by DHG: Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP, for general record keeping as it relates to both personal and business documents.

Mary Alex is a Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Carolinas Investment Consulting.

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Source: DHG: Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP. Click here to see their document list.

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