Wealth Management

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Since our founder, George Edmiston, began his investment career, he has been helping executives, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and families increase the probability of accomplishing their financial goals. Today, that tradition continues.

Although we bring an institutional investor orientation to each engagement, our individual clients need and desire more care and understanding than the typical corporation, endowment, or foundation. Our consultants assure that the client receives the level of detail and analysis that they desire, whether they have $1MM invested with us or $50MM.

Financial Planning

“Those who plan do better than those who do not plan even though they rarely stick to their plan.”
– Winston Churchill

Our philosophy is that everything begins with planning. Our financial planning team can produce comprehensive financial plans, which include cash flow and retirement planning, estate planning, education planning, stock option planning, and insurance analysis. This gives our clients a good look at where they are and where they are headed in their financial lives.

Family Office

At CIC, we assist our clients with all aspects of their financial lives and serve as their family office where desired. This usually begins with the management of their investable securities, but it also includes retirement planning, trust services, estate planning and analysis, and lifestyle assistance. We serve as the team leader on the majority of these issues and either coordinate with other existing advisors or recruit additional advisors to the team as needed. Our thorough understanding of our clients gives us the ability to deliver the attention they deserve and to increase the probability of accomplishing their goals–no matter what those goals may be.

Trust Services

Carolinas Investment Consulting realized early on that our clients often want trust services that are more flexible and dynamic than generally available. With the strategy of flexibility and independence, we formed alliances with Equitable Trust of Nashville, TN and Wachovia Trust to provide corporate trust services with CIC serving as the investment consultant and client liaison while the trust company acts as the corporate trustee.

Retirement & Estate Planning

Delivering good risk adjusted performance is all well and good, but what does that performance mean to our clients? How does that affect their lives? Their retirement? Their estate? Our Financial Planning Department can produce comprehensive financial plans which include cash flow and retirement planning, an insurance analysis, and estate planning. This gives our clients a good look at where they are and where they are headed in their financial life.

Asset Management

We are an investment consulting boutique having relationships with multiple financial institutions, money management firms, and hedge funds. We are independent of any big brokerage firm, bank, insurance company, etc., and we offer client-driven, unbiased investment consulting. We help our clients seek higher risk adjusted performance, help them understand that performance, and help them eliminate the frustration of not knowing what to do next. We engage high quality, disciplined outside managers to assist our clients. We use our expertise on the portfolio management side and let the outside managers use their expertise on the stock selection side.

Debt Management

Management of debt can often be just as important to our clients as asset management. For this reason, we assist our clients on the debt side by sourcing mortgage services through several different banks and mortgage companies. We also offer margin access on all taxable accounts.