Foundation and Endowments

Philanthropic Giving | Spending Policy Design | Trustee Education | Foundations Asset Management

Carolinas Investment Consulting serves foundations, endowments, and colleges by providing trustees with assistance in investment policy design, spending policies, asset management, risk controls, and trustee education.

We believe that philanthropic giving and trustee education program are integral parts of successful programs.

Philanthropic Giving

Creating successful programs for enhancing philanthropic giving is essential in helping our foundation, endowment, and college clients raise new assets to further their programs for years to come. We feel that this education for donors and trustees is essential.

Spending Policy Design

Spending policy design is essential to the future of all foundations and endowments. Whether a foundation or endowment will be successful years down the road will be determined by defining and following their spending policy and asset allocation.

Trustee Education

At Carolinas Investment Consulting, we focus most of our efforts with foundations, endowments, and colleges on trustee education.

The areas we focus on include:

Foundations Asset Management

We are an investment consulting boutique having relationships with multiple financial institutions, money management firms, and hedge funds. We are independent of any big brokerage firm, bank, insurance company, etc., and we offer client-driven, unbiased investment consulting. We help our clients seek higher risk adjusted performance, help them understand that performance, and help them eliminate the frustration of not knowing what to do next. We engage high quality, disciplined outside managers to assist our clients. We use our expertise on the portfolio management side and let the outside managers use their expertise on the stock selection side.