Our Firm

Carolinas Investment Consulting LLC

Carolinas Investment Consulting (CIC) is an investment consulting boutique having relationships with multiple financial institutions and money management firms. Independent of any big brokerage firm, bank, or insurance company, we offer client driven, unbiased investment advice. We specialize in helping our clients seek higher risk adjusted performance, helping them understand that performance, and eliminating the frustration of not knowing what to do next.

Our philosophy is that no one person can be a growth stock expert, a value stock expert, an international stock expert, a bond expert, and a portfolio manager all at the same time. We use Modern Portfolio Theory of risk control, risk/return analysis, and correlation analysis to design, implement, and maintain portfolios of financial assets. We act as investment consultants in hiring quality, disciplined outside managers to assist us. We use our expertise on the portfolio management side and let the managers use their expertise on the stock selection side. We advise on approximately $1.3 billionĀ in assets for qualified retirement plans, trusts, endowments, executives, and families.

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